Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Littles Live On

My parents have been packing up their house. They are moving.  They stopped by this weekend with a special delivery. My absolute, very first dollhouse ever was a Mattel Littles dollhouse. I got it for Christmas, I think I was 3, give or take a year.

I knew they still had it after all these years. Mom set the bundled-up house on the dining room table. I unwrapped it with help from my daughter, of course. I couldn't believe my eyes. I took very good care it. Nothing was missing. A few wallpaper edges had started to curl, but the house itself was in perfect shape. The only thing wrong was the hinge on the icebox/kitchen sink was broken. The dolls had slightly matted hair, but I figured that's pretty good for being over 30 years old.

Haley immediately introduced the Littles to the Lalaloopsies. Size-wise, they are perfectly interchangeable. I now expect Haley to line up all the Mouse Houses, Lalaloopsy stuff, and Littles to make a full miniature city. Dang, my kids are lucky that I'm such a toy collector!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Log Cabin's Nearly Done

I can see the end in sight! The finishing touches on the cabin are coming together. Let's catch up.

I assembled the ladder / staircase according to the instructions. It's nice. It works out better than steps made from junky plywood in the same design for inexpensive plywood houses.

The windows all have pine trim. I opted not to use the logs as described in the manual. They were too bulky-looking. Instead, I used a thinner 3/8" trim with mitered corners.  These windows are open without plastic or PVC. The front door opening got the same trim.

I assembled and glued the porch trim and posts. I'm still considering the gable peak trim. I'm thinking about changing the facing trim but keeping the cross-timber design so it's matches the porch.

Coming soon, the front door, the fireplace, and stain. Yippee!