Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blue Star Quilt

Hi friends and happy new year!

It's time to reveal another project. I kept this under wraps while I was working on it. It's another cross stitch quilt.

This one is shades of blue and tan. The variegated tan and light blue DMC floss makes it unique. I actually finished stitching it back in July just before Natalie was born, but didn't get a chance to show it until now.

I still have to wash it and do the backing, but I couldn't wait to share this. Size-wise, it's a tiny bit bigger than the red dahlia quilt, so I can use it on the shabby PB-style bed  with the blue ticking stripe mattress.

I have another cross-stitch project in the works, but progress is crazy slow because of kids and mom-type reasons and new job! I left the library and started up as an office manager.  Now, I'm not ruling out returning to the library in the future, but I have a few career things I need to take care of at the moment. Sometimes you have to take a sidestep to move forward.

On that note, best wishes to you all in the new year. Take care everyone and keep on making your hobby projects. Bye for now!