Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Log Cabin Assembly Part 3

To connect the front walls and side wall assemblies, I had to get faster with the glue. No dilly dally!

I started out by fitting everything together. It was not perfect. There are a few gaps here and there, but I wasn't ready to crack things apart so I could try to get them perfect.  Perfection was not happening.

I used a small paint brush to paint the wood glue onto the areas that would touch and be glued.

I squished everything back together. The floor is in place but not glued at this point. I wanted it there to keep the walls square.

Then I clamped here and there, and finally used twine to snug up things together.

My son thought the twine was an awesome addition to the fort. He said it was an electric fence. He also said it was a good idea to keep out the bad guys, like the bad ninjas.

I love his imagination!