Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Taking a Modern Turn

Hi friends. Isn't it funny how ideas can morph and change?  I was losing sight of the fish market and sushi bar. I couldn't really picture the finished product, so I was considering scrapping that idea.

Thanks to Pinterest, I was pinning all these sleek modern architectural houses. It finally struck me to just go modern. Drop the fish idea and do it.

I started sketching the basics of the building. I penciled in the bricks and horizontal wooden siding and I knew it was right. I could actually picture the finished house in my mind's eye. It was going to be beautiful!

Last weekend, I got busy. I got out the Dremel saw and cut out the new entry door and kitchen window on the side was that was previously solid and plain.

I wallpapered the entire bedroom in a fantastic espresso brown damask scrapbook paper. Matching the seams was pretty easy on this room.

I even finished the flooring in both rooms, too. Espresso stripe in the bedroom and black and white check in the main room.

I had to let things dry, so I came back to do the wallpaper in the main room another day, I used this great gray and yellow damask.

This is where I stopped. I have a gray-on-gray stripe for the back wall to accent the huge windows. Yes, they will look like glass garage doors when I'm done.

I also picked up some fat quarters of gray and yellow fabric from Windy Moon Quilts on Pyramid Way.  I'm saving it so I can custom-make some modern furniture. I'm planning on making a couch and armchair. I'm also starting to plan the bedroom furniture.

One of the things I had to come to grips with, was if I was going to make a bathroom or not. In this case, the bathroom is not included. I'm telling myself that it's in the "other" part of the house, you know the part that doesn't really exist.  But I can imagine that it's sleek and modern too. Oh, that gives me another idea for a bathroom room box. (shush, you crazy ideas!)

I've been eyeballing a sleek modern compact kitchen from ELF Miniatures.  They even have tiny color coordinated blinds for the kitchen window! I think this house deserves a nice espresso machine and an orchid on the counter.

Well, that is all for now. I will keep you posted as things progress. See you soon!