Friday, November 30, 2012

Log Cabin Roof Installation

I had to do the roof in phases. I started with the larger pieces that fit over the main body of the cabin.

I used my not-so-technical system of clothespins to get it in the right place before applying glue.

I applied wood glue and cinched it down with twine.

Afterwards, I tightened up iffy spots with some Zap-a-gap CA glue with a squirt of setting accelerator.

Later, I did the same process for the front gable roofing.

Then, the porch roof and the porch railing on the sides went up. It's looking pretty good!

Coming soon, the ladder, window trim, the door, and the rest of the porch railing!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Fishy New Project

Last Fall, I bought a cute kit. It's supposed to be a gas station/repair garage, named Fascination Station. But who really needs a 1:12 garage laying around?

I talked with the kids and the hubby about what we could turn it into that would be totally different and funky and cool.

We all agreed to make it two separate, but related, shops. The smaller side would become a sushi bar while larger side becomes a fish market. I started snapping up miniature fish and sushi on eBay to use in the setting.

Then, I got distracted. I decided to focus my attention and free time on cooking. I tried out for MasterChef. Shortly after that, I started a new job. People who know me well, know that I have many, many irons in the fire so this one has taken a back burner. Thankfully, the kids are happy that I'm working on something else for them, so they aren't clamoring for me to get this one done.

In fact, I still have not actually glued much together. I have the walls glued into place on the base, but that's it. These photos are from September 2011. Haley was thrilled to help hand me the clamps and glue.

This project will be on hold indefinitely as I have to prioritize my projects. Eric's fort comes first, and it's really close to being done. Haley's house and wrapping up my own quaint little red cottage are further along. However, I will return to this one when I can.