Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Re-Ment Lover

A few years ago I discovered these awesome miniatures from Japan, made by Re-Ment.  Their level of detail and realism is impressive.

I went bonkers and fell head-over-heels in love with these miniatures. I bought most of my sets online.  However, I realized that when we travel, I can pick them up in San Francisco at the Kinokuniya bookstore in Japantown. I'm sure I can find them elsewhere. We have set places we like to go in SF and that place is convenient.

I have a few complete sets and also some individual boxes from other sets.  It's kinda fun and disappointing to get the blind boxes. I almost always get the ugly one. I find it more fun to hunt down the one set I really like online. Sometimes, they cost less online than in the store.

For example, last year I bought one blind box from the set "Grandma's European Dinners" while in SF. I ended up with set #4, the nasty-looking brown fish head stew. I would have jumped for joy over any of the other sets!  To console myself, I bought a secret set with a chocolate bundt cake on E-Bay and the regular bundt cake set.

I have a few other blind boxes. The best one by far was the cupcake set from Heart Shaped Sweets.

I also have Hello Kitty Hannari sweets, crepes, the whole Elegant Sweets set, and one from Teddy Bear's Housekeeping. I have collected a few mismatched things, too, thanks to mystery lots on eBay.

Speaking of eBay, I was very excited to get the complete set of the conveyor belt sushi. I kept in the box hidden in my closet for at least a year. When I was ready to open it, Haley helped me. Then we played sushi for a little while together.

Re-Ment isn't the only one out there making great stuff like this. You can find great stuff by Orcara, Bandai, Mimo, Mega-House, and T is for Candy. This set is one of the Megahouse sets for their bakery sweets set, My Cake Shop.

I bought the Orcara fish market set to go with my idea for the garage-turned fish market and sushi bar. Scale-wise, the fish can fit in just fine. Here I have mixed some different fish sets for fun. The crab in the ice packed cooler and the salmon are Orcara, the other pieces are Re-Ment.

Normally, these miniatures are considered play-scale, which means they fit fashion dolls, like Barbie or Blythe.  These toys roughly work out to be 1:6, or twice as big as my 1:12 stuff. Do you think I'm going to really worry about the scale? Nope!

For Christmas last year, my dear hubby Justin completely surprised me with the entire box set of (discontinued) Puchi Petite Mini Sweets! It was the best present I got!

I absolutely recommend these if you are into tiny food. I'm currently eyeballing another Orcara set, this one is a street food collection. I may even need to assemble a room box cafe.

See you again real soon!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Elegant Marbleized Dining Table

I have been on a kick lately to refinish or repaint some of my furniture. I had this cute cherry-finished table that just wasn't as amazing as I thought it could be. After sanding and repainting it one solid color, I had the idea.

Marble top. Colored legs. Gold accents. I was very much in the mood for something fancy that would fit in with French Louis XV styling.

The table had the right bones, cabriole legs, some carved detail on the the apron, and the curvature of the top. Voila, a table transformed.

This table is available for sale in my Etsy shop with a few other items, a Hepplewhite banquet table set, an extra cute distressed round dining table, and a vintage 1/144 boot house kit are up.