Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Orcara Miniatures

Hello friends!  I couldn't help it. I bought another Orcara set off eBay called Cooking with the Master. It took forever to get here from Hong Kong. It was so slow, I think someone swam across the ocean with it instead of putting it on a ship.

But it was here! I was super excited to open it. I didn't have a chance to open each little thing, just enough time before bed one night to make sure it was the right set.

Then, the next night, without my knowledge, Haley got out the scissors and opened everything herself.

I was really disappointed. The little kid in me wanted the joy of opening everything. You don't get that much as an adult. So, it's not the end of the world. She didn't mess up anything, but jeez I waited a MONTH and didn't get to open it. Boo.

So I did the next best thing crazy busy people do. I set it aside in the closet until I forgot what was in it. And THEN I opened it up to see what I had!

The set is cute, lots of kitchen goodies. A toaster oven. Bread. Pasta. A blue Le Creuset style pot of spaghetti sauce. Coffee. Salad. Mucho Cuteness! Haley and I played together with some dolls and the new goodies in the Barbie kitchen.

I'm starting to think about reclaiming my old Barbie kitchen set and getting Haley a different kitchen. I really like my old Barbie kitchen. (That's why I kept it!)   I can picture all this cuteness together in a room box, a playscale kitchen full of baking. I certainly don't need another project, but the kitchen minis are calling me!