Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Log Fort Assembly Part 2

After many little things have come and gone, we are back to making (slow) progress on the log cabin.

I swear, even using good wood glue and clamps, these wall will just crack apart if you look at them the wrong way. The kids really want to help, so I let them hand me things so they don't get messy from the glue.

I had to repair the walls a few times before we could actually interlock them to glue them together. Then during the interlocking and gluing step, I had one of the smaller front walls come apart. I'm sure this will happen again and again before I'm done with the whole house.

Justin came up with a clever way to square up the walls and hold them together snugly while waiting for the corners to dry. He used twine to wrap the side walls a certain way. I can't really describe how he did it, but it worked. If you look closely at the photo below, you can see the twine still on one side wall assembly.

 Coming next, interlocking the front with the sides! Then after that, installing the floors and gluing them into place.