Thursday, December 20, 2012

Flame Painted All-Stars

Today, I'm going off the path of minis, but this is still a DIY crafty topic.

Here's a little horn-toot for myself. My son wanted fire shoes. We went shopping but could not find any shoes that already came with flames on them. The next best thing was to buy some plain shoes and have someone paint flames on them. And you know who that someone was. It was me, of course!

My son chose some chambray blue Converse All-Stars. After mulling over the flame design a bit, I got to work. I free-handed it with stiff paintbrush. I started with yellow fabric paint to do the flame centers, then a layer of orange, and finally the red. I only painted the sides facing out. There were ventilation grommets in the instep that interfered with painting there.

The big kid is completely in love with how his shoes turned out. He's been so cute telling everyone that his mom made his cool shoes. Thanks sweetie!


  1. Awesome job,

    Ive been wanting to make those sparkle toes..glitter toes.. I dunno.. the 50$ sketcher ones for my daughter. They are just plain ole shoes with puff paint glitter etc on them.. I got that stuff, and it don't cost 50$ *lol*

    1. Thanks Jane! And you're right about the Sketchers. We've been through a few pairs already. You just need a pattern idea and glitter paint. Roses, hearts, rainbows, a unicorn even?