Friday, October 30, 2015

Tea for Two update

Hi Friends. You  probably don't remember my little carriage clock room box from a zillion years ago. I think I've only shown it once on here and it was a work in progress.  It's almost done!

Not bad for something I built when I was 20.  I'm now 37.

AHEM. Anyway. Forget that detail about my age or how slow I can be when it comes to finishing projects.  Many irons in the fire, always many irons. And so on. Basically this project got stuck on the table and put aside while other things took over.

Also, good decorating takes time.  Mini collections don't become awesome over night.

Well, here are the details.  The table and chairs are House of Miniatures kits that I put together.  The blue tea set came from an Ebay seller in Thailand. I made the little punched tin bread box, tiny cakes, and napkins. The walnut plank flooring was leftover from the Willowcrest house.

The corner shelf is a pre-assembled bookcase that I painted. I think I bought the dog and floral plate from Shellie's Mini Mania. I made the cake stand on the top shelf. The other things probably came from Michael's.

I think this needs a few more things, maybe a rug, maybe some artwork, definitely more goodies for the corner shelf. I was trying to eye things at the Good Sam Show to use in here, but out of all the stuff I saw, nothing struck me.  That just means whatever it is, I haven't found it yet.

Bye for now!

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