Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Farmhouse Wallpaper Pt.1

Hello again friends.  I've been a busy mama so I have been extra slow at making progress on Haley's house. I managed to get the foundation set up.  All the exterior walls were painted smooth. Then things came up and the house got moved to the other room (the room of exile?) so it was out of the way.

Dear hubby had a great idea to clean the garage and make a work table for the boy stuff, with the promise of helping me make a dedicated spot for minis. The garage is now really tidy, but there was no space for minis there.

Back inside, the dining room table kept calling to me, but I wasn't sure if it wanted real food, like meals, or to be covered in dollhouse parts!

Of course there are other projects that come up and they get priority over the minis. So every night I have been wishing for a chance to work on the good stuff once the boring stuff is done. We've done a little here and there. Justin set up the saw so we could cut and patch the new upstairs front wall. He cut the door opening bigger for the new front door, too. I had to patch the gap above since the new door is shorter than the original hole.

Not perfect, but this won't be visible behind the front door's top trim, so it's good enough.

 This patch on the upstairs wall will be visible so I patched, sanded smooth, and painted until it was perfect.

Yesterday I managed to get something accomplished! I had a furlough day and wanted to make the most of my time off.

I worked on the first bit of wallpapering. I tried some real wallpaper paste from Lowe's. IT WAS HORRIBLE. It just didn't want to stick and yes the surface was clean and smooth. Yes, I put it on nice with a roller. Yes, yes, I did all the right things and it was still horrible. Plan B was to resort to decoupage glue applied with a paintbrush. That worked much better!

After I let the glue dry, I trimmed all the door and window openings with an X-acto blade on my cutting mat. I had try it out with the big front door so see how it would look. This is really going to look good!

The living room now has wallpaper. I also have a fantastic plan for the big door opening on the side wall. It's going to become a floor-to-ceiling fireplace! I even made a sketch!

My next room to paper will probably be the bedroom directly above the living room. Then I'll maybe take on the kitchen and dining room. That will take some really creative assembly because there are tiny walls that need glued together to make the span.

It's so exciting to see something besides plain wall! See you again real soon :)

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