Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Redwork Quilt in Progress Part 2

The rework "quilt" is really looking good. I'm at a point that I have to move the hoop!

I think one more row or dahlias/stars on the left and bottom should get this to the size I want. Then for the lacy border! So exciting!


  1. Hi Jenny! Is this for yours son's log cabin or for a different project? I love red and white as a combination and I happened upon a Pinterest site that is all red and white home decor and it is just dreamy! I am sure that your project is going to be wonderful as it is looking so pretty right now even unfinished state! keep up the great work!


    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      This quilt is actually intended for the incomplete red Layfayette. I have a whole color theme in it of muted/distressed red, blue, and cream. It should look amazing when it's all put together.