Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Etsy Goodies - LugArt Petit

Some of you know my birthday was this past weekend. My sweet family got me a new phone and told me to go order some miniatures. So I did!

I have been watching a few artisans on Etsy, Kim Saulter of Kim's Mini Bakery, Cynthia Sperin of Cynthia's Cottage Shop, and Maria Jose and Monica of LugArt Petit. I just love miniature kitchens!

I ordered the cutest set from LugArt Petit and it's on its way to me from Spain. See how cute?

I also picked out a few other things, a candy jar, Nutella, a yogurt pack, and the cutest spilled strawberries.

They also happen to be having a giveaway contest on their Facebook page right now. Check them out!


  1. Hello Jenny! A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! What a wonderful gift to give a Mini Mom! I love mini kitchens too and I love Lug Art Petit and the choices that you made there are great! What a way to break in your new phone too.


  2. WooooW! First... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope that you enjoyed a very happy day, although a little late to congratulate you ..... And after THANKS soooo much for your kind words about our shop (LugArt petit). I'm very happy to have found your blog.
    Lots of kisses, dear Jenny.