Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Miniature Needlework

It's kind of fun having analytics available on this site's traffic.  I've noticed lots of hits related to miniature cross-stitch patterns.

I can't share any patterns that are not my own. I don't want to infringe on someone's copyright. I can share links to pattern books that I like. Some of these books I own, some I've borrowed through the library. Now, if your library doesn't have anything you want, don't give up! Here's my not-so-secret inner librarian coming out, just go and ask your librarian about inter-library loan.  This is a fine case of  "Ask and you shall receive!"

If you have the money, buy them from your local bookstore to support a local business.

There is just one disclaimer for the books I'm listing below. They mostly talk about needlepoint or embroidery. I'm a goof and have not tried actual needlepoint, although it's ridiculously similar to cross-stitch. I don't let these "needlepoint" patterns faze me. Just follow the chart and cross-stitch to your heart's content. The scale may be off, but you can adjust that by using a fabric with a smaller weave.  The things I've stitched, like the quilts, have been on Hardanger 22-ct fabric.  Anything larger (a smaller number means fewer stitches per inch, like Aida 14) will look out of scale. Although, if you're aiming for Playscale, Barbie or Blythe size, then Aida 14 works pretty well.

Also, there are a few interesting sites out there that share patterns. I really like Kincavel Krosses. Check out her binscornu and blackwork/redwork patterns. They are fantastic and could easily become mini quilts!

Good luck, fellow stitchers!

(Updated January 21, 2016 to remove bad links. Please check out Amazon for miniature books.)

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  1. Hi Jenny! I always admire anyone who can do needlework! I'M a glue it together girl and so I have the utmost respect for those that can quilt, embroider, knit, crochet or use a sewing machine. I once found a marvelous piece of tatted lace at the thrift store and put it into a dollhouse scene and I had more comments on it than on anything else in the room!