Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Painting Haley's House

Welcome to the beginning of Haley's House. It all started in Aug. 2010.

This house is the RGT kit Victoria's Farmhouse. It has milled "clapboard" MDF walls. First, I had to square up the window openings. Justin helped me with that.

I gave each piece a light sanding and wipe down with a very slightly damp cloth to remove the dust. I used Behr interior latex paint with primer tinted a nice soft pink.

All the exterior surfaces were sanded and painted three times for super-smoothness. Justin showed me a cool trick to make a sanding block.  Get a scrap of wood slightly wider than the MDF clapboard lap. Wrap 150 grit sandpaper around it and use that to sand each lap individually. Don't sand too much on the edges to prevent hollowing out or rounding the corners.

After the second coat of paint, use a finer grit sandpaper, about 220 grit, to smooth out the last little bumps and grooves. I like to sand, wipe off the dust, then test the smoothness by touch. It should feel very even, smooth and satiny. The third coat should go very smoothly and dry with few imperfections. Carefully stir the paint so there are no bubbles in the final coat.

Next, assembling the house foundation.

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