Thursday, March 22, 2012

Haley's House in the Box

I easily lose track of when I start projects.  I realized that I've had Haley's house sitting around for one year longer than I thought.

I ordered it in July 2010. It's the Victoria's Farmhouse by Real Good Toys.

It is huge.  You could say, I overestimated how much house I wanted her to have.  The kit in the box weighs roughly 60lbs. When it's all finished, it will probably weigh a bit more, depending on the finishing techniques I use.

Look how little Haley was, she was just shy of turning two and Topaz (the puppy) was only about 2 months old.Yes, that's me in the background opening the dollhouse the day it arrived.

Just a few days ago, I got the pieces of this house spread out on the table so I could work on it some more.

It's funny what got me started.  I was sitting at the computer and Haley walked up to me and asked where her dollhouse was. I said I still had to build it, that it wasn't ready.  So Haley said "Yeah, you need paint!"

It was all downhill from there. I got the parts spread out, found the can of paint and got back to sanding the last few pieces of exterior wall that needed paint.  Haley was perched on a chair next to me, watching everything. She even warned me "Watch out! Don't get paint on your shirt!"

More to come!

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