Friday, April 17, 2015

So Delicious

Hello again, friends.

I bought some more very yummy dollhouse food. It arrived a few days ago (OK, maybe a week ago) You've heard of Kim Saulter at some point, I'm sure.  I have a few of her adorable sets. She has a Facebook page and an Etsy shop that I a hawk.

I just recently ordered this fantastic Easter themed baking set. I think the combo of cake, cupcake, and cookies did me in. I love the tiny flower on top of the cake. (Just a note, all these photos came from Kim's Etsy shop and were taken by Kim Saulter)

Also, back at Christmas time, I got one of her Christmas cookie sets. There were tons of decorated sugar cookies, gingerbread men, and a loaf cake.

I've also shown off some of her other cute things, like the French toast set and blueberry pie in my Willowcrest house.

I can be so funny about what to add to a scene for detail, but when it comes to food I have no trouble. I guess I just love food, real or miniature!

I've admitted this before, I'm not so talented with polymer clay. I haven't given it a good shot, but I also have other loves that come first. So, keeping my own talents in mind, I have no problem supporting other artisans. Keep up the cuteness, Kim!

Bye for now!


  1. Wow! That blueberry pie looks scrumptous!

  2. How Wonderful to have these Delicious Goodies to adorn your mini kitchen with! Kim's work is always Outstanding and I'm with you Jenny when it comes to Fimo!.... Some can and some can't!
    And Kim CAN! :D